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I have 10 years former experience in graphic design, have studied as an animation and motion graphic artist and currently work in Flame and Nuke as a compositor/finishing artist. I also have on-set experience as a second-unit vfx supervisor and first-unit assistant supervisor and find working from day-one to the completion of a project is most rewarding.

My passion for art and design has been honed over the years towards moving picture by working on tv shows, commercials and film in Los Angeles. I love a good narrative and in my spare my spare time I like to immerse myself in it; creating short stories, which I so far, have paired with my 3D knowledge for visualization. Story-telling techniques coupled with emerging technology fascinate me, and I hope to further broaden my design knowledge by exploring more mediums like video games and inventive VR/AR.

Well thought out projects and an emphasis on design and esthetic beauty will always catch my attention.

I'm happy to chat, collaborate and see where the winds take us. I would love to hear from you so feel free to give me a shout.



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