Professional Compositor, Unprofessional Artist.

Personal Work


This is personal project modeled and rendered in C4D. 

It is a story about Richard Hollis, a mystery/murder writer who unknowingly draws his most profound inspiration by literally becoming the character he is developing. In Richard’s apartment, his alter-ego Jeffrey, is savoring a hot shower. Mesmerized, he watches the rich metallic liquid run from his hands, merge with the steaming water and vanish down the drain... It’s a blustery spring night in 1946, a mother is just now missing her daughter and Richard’s next novel has just begun.

Solo project - All modeled, textured, lit and rendered in C4D. Composited in After Effects.


Macro Photography

A selection of images taken of the Irish countryside, Brazilian side-roads and many places in between. Macro photography intrigues me for the beautiful imagery, the flexible composition and the textures that can be pulled from them.



Will is a pre-vizualization style animation I completed in Maya. It was inspired by personal events and video-game cut-scene animation. 

Story: Jason rose quickly and built a successful empire for himself over a short amount of time, but success comes at a price, both for Jason and his rivals. In his building overlooking NewBoston, Jason calms his nerves while waiting for a call. This will signal the success of another morally dark request made to the underground scum he would prefer not to associate with. Sacrifices have to be made now, for his own protection and for the security of his position but the news is bitter-sweet. His will to survive and thrive is strong and he has asserted dominance by taking another competitors life, assets and people but at what price?

Assets were collected. Textured, animated, lit and rendered in Maya. Composited in After Effects. now